Web Applications

What Are Web Applications? 

Web applications (web apps) run on a remote computer, usually a web server, from your computer or business, typically a web application is used via a user’s web browser (what you are viewing this web page in) this means that a user can access the application from home, the office or even abroad.

There are a number of distinct advantages to using web applications rather than using an application on your local computer:

  • You can access web apps from anywhere in the world with a web browser, and are not limited to within your office or local network.
  • Updates or new features can be added remotely and for everyone at the same time because multiple users access the same installation.
  • Web apps do not have any hardware or operating system requirements, they will work across any platform or device as long as it can connect to the web.
  • Centralisation minimizes the time required to fix issues with a system or add new features because there is no requirement to access each machine the app is being used on.

Our Systems
We have a diverse experience in delivering web based applications  – below are examples of several systems we have implemented and are in use today.

Bomar Offshore – Client Portal & Database 

In 2013 a Bomar Offshore commissioned us to develop a custom client portal that would serve two primary purposes;

  1. The system would act as a database and management system for all of their stock and ongoing work as well as completed work.
  2. Allow client companies to log into their system to see the progress of ongoing works and view media such as photos of completed jobs and job notes.

As with all our web applications the project was given a detailed specification outlining all the requirements and features the system would have before development.

After the original specification was met and several new features were built into the system to accommodate growing business requirements such as producing reports and vital statistics. Since the web application went live it has become an integral part of the business converting much of the previous paper based system into an easy to search and update electronic based system.

We worked with boxportable to design and build a system to make the day to day collection of information and presentation to our clients more efficient. This streamlined the way we work and saved us time when compared to the way we passed information to clients previously.


Catherine Bain
Accounts Administrator
Bomar Offshore


placeit (2)

Titan Torque – Job Management System

In 2013 we were also approached by Titan with regards to developing a system which would cut down there time consuming job management process and streamline it into an easy to manage system.

The companies job process revolved around creating several documents for a job; this being check lists, job outline, quality control sheets and delivery notes. Unlike typical web applications which would replace or drastically rework a process this application had to maintain the current process to allow the company to confirm to ISO 9001:2008.

The solution we created allows users to login to the web app and create or edit jobs, when jobs are added or edited the web app then generates the job documents and sends these to the local company server where they can be accessed as word or excel documents from within the premises.

Another key feature of this system is a real-time TV view. This view is similar to a train or airport departure board and shows a summary of jobs and their status for the entire office to see at a glance.

As with all systems after completion several updates and additions were made including:

  • A booking calendar for plant/machinery scheduling – also shown on the TV view.
  • Financial features such as statistics and individual job cost and invoicing data.



Andersons of Inverurie – Book Loan System

Andersons of Inverurie approached us with a requirement to simplify their fabric sample book loans process. As Andersons regularly loan out fabric sample books to customers this can be a time consuming process to manage in many ways such as:

  • Finding a book in the system
  • Finding the customer from their large database of customers
  • Reporting of overdue sample books
  • Chasing the return of overdue sample books

To streamline this process we developed a completely new system to replace the existing one, this system had some key features which made the process of loaning books more efficient including:

  • All books are barcoded for easy tracking chin-in and check-out.
  • Checkout process can now be done in a matter of seconds rather than minutes.
  • Finding customers is simple and takes seconds to search through over 15,000 records.
  • Book loan reminders are automated, customers receive email and SMS alerts when the book they have on loan is due back or overdue.