‘Blueprint’ Training and Certification Program for Facebook

facebook-like-blueprint-patent-001-630x472Facebook has recently unveiled it’s Blueprint training and certification program. Blueprint is a new program that helps train agencies, partners and marketers on the best practices for advertising and marketing campaigns.

Our web developer, Craig Simpson, has successfully completed all 35 training modules covering a broad range of topics including managing ads, advertising objectives, targeting, campaign optimization, audience engagement and more.

More and more businesses are starting to advertise on Facebook, using it to promote their products, services and businesses to real people. On Facebook, unlike Google Adwords, it doesn’t matter what users are searching for, all that matters is who your customers are. You’re talking directly to real people with real interests, hobbies and jobs – not keywords.

Gain An Edge Over Your Competitors

As powerful as Facebook’s advertising platform is, it’s surprising how many businesses are still not using it, or at least not properly. As a result, if your competitors aren’t advertising, you gain a fantastic advantage and an opportunity to win business you might have otherwise lost out on.

We can help create engaging advertising and market your business on mobile and desktop devices. Using Ad Manager and Insights we can track your advertising spend, evaluate what’s working and what isn’t, and make informed choices that will bring value to your business.

If you’d like to know more about our web design services, or how we can help with your Facebook marketing, get in touch with us. Complete our contact form, or call our Aberdeen office number on (01224) 914800.