Web and email hosting platform upgrades

Web hosting server

We are currently embarking on an upgrade to our existing high performance web hosting and email service. This work, scheduled to be completed over the coming weeks will ultimately improve further our service delivery and commitment to both our new and existing client base.

Our standard web hosting package is being redesigned to offer a range of value added services starting from an amazingly competitive price of only £90.00 + VAT per annum.

Standard features include:

– Unlimited blisteringly fast 100% SSD storage.
– Unlimited bandwidth – no restrictive monthly quotas to worry about.
– Online customer control panel meaning you can administer your services online 24/7 including mailbox password resets etc.
– 1GB MySQL databases on load balanced auto scaling cloud servers.
– Unlimited 10GB mailboxes with outgoing SMTP mail, antivirus and spam protection as standard.
– SSL certificates provided as standard at no additional cost.
– UK based data centre manned 24 x 7 connected by multiple ISP 40Gbps connectivity.
– 30 days backup of your website + MySQL database stored as standard.
– Fanatical support – access to our team of experienced staff.

Your service will automatically be migrated over the coming days and weeks however should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. We will also be updating our support articles and knowledge-base to reflect these changes.

Our domain registration and management services will also be migrated to this new platform – however clients should notice no impact to services. Renewal fees will be as follows and are charged on an annual basis unless otherwise specified:

– .co.uk, .uk, .org.uk   £20.00 + VAT
– .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz  £25.00 + VAT
– .scot, .co  £40.00 + VAT
– .ws, .property, .ws £45.00 + VAT

Please note as always – we require 45 days written notice prior to any renewal date should you require to cancel a domain registration otherwise renewal will happen automatically.

Microsoft raise pricing following fall in value of pound sterling


Microsoft have this week raised pricing in response to Brexit and the fall in the value of the pound. The new pricing will come into effect on January 1st 2017 and will affect cloud and on premise products and services.

The changes come as a result in the weakened value of the pound which has dropped significantly in the months following June’s Brexit vote result. Microsoft said pricing has been altered to bring its product and service pricing inline with euro levels.

As a result the following pricing will apply to all renewals and new licensing for the following cloud services (annual plan pricing):

Microsoft Exchange Online Plan 1 – 1 year / 1 user license : £39.00 + VAT
Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials – 1 year / 1 user license : £49.00 + VAT
Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium – 1 year / 1 user license : £119.00 + VAT

Monitoring your key IT systems, and supporting your business infrastructure

business 100

Up or down? On or off?  Protected of not?  Are any or all of these daily questions and concerns that your business faces when it comes to your IT systems?

When your business is looking to compete in today’s fast paced and competitive market your customer interaction needs to shine above your competitors.  What happens though when your underlying infrastructure starts to fail?  What happens when that email with the order that’s going to boost your quarterly sales 10% doesn’t come through because your mail server has decided to shut itself down again at 06:34? What happens when your employees come in and they can’t log in because their network credentials can’t be verified?

Well put simply – it’s time and money wasted…..  Orders that are not received or are delayed due to an IT failure is not what your customers are concerned with.  Staff are having to be paid to twiddle their thumbs because their work can’t be done is wasted time and money, then they have to react to any potential customer complaints… leading to further unnecessary costs.

If only there was a way for your systems to be monitored so that as soon as an issue is detected it can be reacted to. *

At boxportable we provide proactive core system monitoring so that typically we can resolve issues before our clients even become aware of them.  The infrastructure that keeps your business up, running and online – your servers and router – to ensure you stay connected in today’s digital marketplace.

What We Monitor

placeitWe monitor a variety of critical items ensuring you systems remain healthy:

  • CPU Usage: Monitoring the current load and historical impact on your server’s processor
  • Hardware Health Status**: Where your server supports Dell OpenManage we will monitor a variety of the critical hardware components including the HDD and RAID health – allowing us to detect failing/failed drives and arrange replacements promptly keeping your data safe, Memory health, System BIOS and firmware ensuring its kept up to date, Temperatures, Voltages, Power usage/draw, Power supply status etc. A historical report for the system health is also available.
  • Drive Space Usage: Ensuring you don’t run out of space to store your critical business data.
  • Memory Usage: Monitors the current memory load ensuring your server doesn’t become the bottleneck in your network and that there is enough memory to handle the load placed upon the server.
  • OS Version: Reports the currently installed operating system of the server.
  • A/V Status: Checks that ensure your antivirus software and the database is on the latest version so that your server is kept safe and secure.
  • Firewall Status: Checks to ensure that a firewall is active so that only authorised communications to the server can occur.
  • Update Status: Ensuring all the latest security patches and fixes for your operating system have been applied keeping your systems secure from known vulnerabilities.
  • Routers and networking: To keep you online we also monitor your router to ensure it is up and running to keep you online, monitoring items such as Upload Speed, Download Speed, Firmware version, ATN, SNR and Uptime.

With a simple and easy to read overview we can view all hostat and monitored services with any issues highlighted immediately in either a warning or critical state allowing the issue to be diagnosed promptly and reducing any potential downtime before it occurs.

If you would like to learn more about our fully managed IT services, why not get in touch. We also offer cloud backup and antivirus solutions – perfect for keeping your organisations infrastructure fully protected.

* Targeted items are monitored at approx. 5 min intervals
** Where system is supported with Dell OpenManage

Improve Your PC Performance With a Solid-State Drive (SSD)


There are many reasons why your computer may be running slowly, however when it comes to speeding things up we recommend one surefire way to give your computer an immediate performance boost.

Without a doubt the most effective way to speed up your PC is to replace the hard drive with a solid-state drive. Unlike a traditional hard drive, a solid-state drive (SSD) has no moving parts, and response times are lightning fast as a result (up to ten times faster than traditional drives).

Performance will be improved throughout your PC, with a noticeable improvement in Windows startup time (often cutting time from 60 seconds to less than 20). Accessing files and using software will also be much faster.

There are many other benefits, including:

  • Less chance of shock damage (such as if a laptop is dropped).
  • Longer lifespan, because with no moving parts there is less wear.
  • Energy saving, because less power is required.
  • For laptop users, the drive is lighter than a traditional hard drive.

If you’d like to give your PC a performance boost, the switch to a solid-state drive is straightforward:

  • We will advise the size of drive required, and the labour cost involved with making the switch.
  • Your existing hard drive will be cloned to the solid-state drive, meaning all of your programs and files will be exactly where you left them.

Price Guide

  • 240GB SSD, including supply and fit from £150.00 + VAT*.
  • 480GB SSD, including supply and fit from £184.00 + VAT*.
  • 1TB SSD, including supply and fit from £297.00 + VAT*.

* Assumes that work will be carried out in our workshop. Where an on-site visit is required we will advise any additional costs.