Set up a Windows 7 PPTP VPN Connection

The guide will take you through the process to configure a VPN connection in Windows 7. You will require a valid VPN hostname/IP address as well as a username and password to complete these steps.

First, Click Start then open Control Panel.

Control Panel

Open Network and Sharing Center and then choose Set up a new connection or network.


In the next window, choose  Connect to a workplace.


In the next window, choose Use my Internet Connection (VPN).


Type in the name or the IP address or host-name of the VPN server you wish to connect to. Set a name for the connection and also choose the option ‘Don’t connect now; just set it up so i can connect later.

In the next window, enter your user name and password for the VPN access account and then click Create. Tick the option to ‘Remember this password’ to save you having to enter this each time you connect.


You should see this screen next. Click the “Close” button to return to the “Network and Internet” screen.

Click on ‘Change adapter settings’ in the left hand column,  you will then see your newly created VPN connection. Right click on this and then select Properties from the drop down menu.


In the Properties windows select the tab ‘Security’.

Click on the Type of VPN drop down menu and ensure this is set to ‘Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)’

Click OK to save these settings and you are now ready to connect to the VPN.