Randsomware emails

There have recently been a huge increase in ransomware and cryptolocker attacks. This is rapidly becoming one of the most significant threats to UK organisations.


The latest strain is known as Locky. The most common way that a Locky virus will arrive is by email. You may well receive an email containing an attachment with varying filenames.

If you open this it will look like gobbledegook at which point you will possibly be prompted to enable macros if the data encoding is incorrect. If you enable macros, you don’t actually correct the text and instead you allow the virus to run.


Locky scrambles all files that match a long list of extensions, including videos, images, source code, and Office files making your data completely unreadable!

You are then held to ransom and asked to pay a fee to retrieve your data.


So how can you protect against this type of attack?

  • Backup regularly – keep a recent backup copy off-site/disconnected from your network.
  • Don’t enable macros in document attachments received via email.
  • Ensure you have robust up to date antivirus protection in place.
  • Be cautious about unsolicited attachments. Generally delete any email or attachment you are not expecting to receive.


Unsure what to do next? Contact us to discuss how we can help protect your systems.