Take control of your business web site using a Content Management System

masson-glennie-wordpress-dashboardAlmost all of the web sites we build these days use a Content Management System (or CMS for short) which is a great way for you to make changes to your own web site independently and at no additional cost.

In today’s market, it’s vitally important that your web site is dynamic and is updated frequently, keeping it fresh and more importantly keeping your visitors interest. With the freedom to create and control your own web site, comes the opportunity to publish a variety of information. Typical CMS uses include:

What can you publish?

  • News, announcements and press releases.
  • Articles and newsletters.
  • Product details and special offers.
  • Testimonials and case studies.
  • Vacancies and personnel profiles.
  • Useful links.

Taking control of your business web site

Managing your web site using a CMS means much less reliance on your web designer to make changes or add new content to your web site. Crucially, this also means saving money by updating your web site independently.

Having a CMS also means that you will never have to wait for “studio time” from your web designer, you can update your site instantly at the touch of a button. If you have to respond quickly to market or competitor announcements you can do so without the need to rely on your web designer.

Search Engine rankings can also receive a welcome boost by using a Content Management System. Search Engines love returning to your web site and finding new content and articles, so by keeping your web site up to date and adding fresh content you will almost always see good results.

It’s also possible to integrate your Social Media profiles (Twitter, Facebook etc) so that any time you post a new article or press release they are automatically posted to your various “feeds”.

Getting started with a Content Management System…

We have lots of experience using a wide range of CMS platforms, so if you’re looking for some no-nonsense advice on your web site and how to proceed then feel free to get in touch.

If your exiting web site is static and you’re unable to make changes, then a CMS “conversion” could be a significant upgrade. Typically your existing design would be converted into a “theme” for your chosen CMS allowing easy implementation and modification. We can also give you (or your site administrator) some training on how to use your chosen CMS solution.