Free Windows 10 Upgrade – time is running out!

It’s almost 1 year since launch and if you are still running Windows 7 or especially Windows 8.1 – it’s probably time to upgrade to Windows 10. Better still its free to upgrade until 29/07/2016.  With over 350 million devices running Microsoft’s flagship operating system you’ll be in good company!  From July 30th it is expected Microsoft plan to charge around £89.00 for the once free upgrade – however insider sources hint that this deadline may be extended.


Microsoft have worked hard on this latest release with a host of new features.

A More Personal and Natural Experience
Windows 10 adapts to people for a more personal experience.  Windows Hello lets them log in to their PC without a password – providing instant, more secure access to their Windows 10 devices through biometric authentication.

Windows 10 also lets people interact with their device via the traditional mouse and keyboard, or through more natural ways such as voice, pen or gesture.

Be More Productive
Windows 10 will help people get more done with less effort than ever before.  Microsoft Edge, the all-new browser designed to get things done online in new ways, offers built-in inking, sharing, and reading view.

Microsoft Edge offers quick results and content based on individual interests and preferences. Fast, streamlined and personal, Microsoft Edge empowers people to focus on just the content that matters to them and actively engage with the web.

With Microsoft Office, Windows 10 offers a consistent, touch-first experience across tablet and PC with new versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook.

Designed from the ground up to run on Windows, Microsoft Office enables people to easily create and edit Word documents, annotate slides in real-time with inking features or easily present PowerPoint presentations, and create or update spreadsheets without a keyboard or mouse with new touch-first controls in Excel.

Work and Play the Way You Want Across Devices
Windows 10 offers a familiar and consistent experience across devices. Continuum enables devices to transform, enabling elegant transitions of a tablet into a PC, and back—and for a Windows phone to provide a rich desktop experience.

Xbox on Windows 10 brings the expansive Xbox Live gaming network to both Windows 10 PCs and tablets. People can communicate with their friends on Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One while playing any PC game, and share content using Game DVR.

People can also stream games directly from their Xbox One console to their Windows 10 tablets or PCs. Games developed for DirectX 12 in Windows 10 will see improvements in speed, efficiency and graphics capability.


For further information or to discuss how we can assist your business with the upgrade please contact us.