Problems sending large files by email? No problem!

Everyone will have received an email at least once, and more likely several times over the years advising that the email and accompanying attachment they have just crafted and fine-tuned has been rejected owing to the recipients mail server file size limit – or perhaps your mail provider limits you to some unusable file size restriction.

wetransferEmail protocols were never designed to handle large messages containing multimedia attachments – however almost on a weekly basis I am contacted for advice on how to send large emails/attachments. The solution is simple –

WeTransfer ‘like to keep things simple’ and simple is exactly what they do. With no registration required you can send up to 2GB in one go – or register for a pro account and send a humongous 10GB at a time.


Simply visit, enter your recipients email address, your email address and a short message then it’s just a case of either dragging and dropping your files to send or using the handy file browser to select your files – that’s it. Click transfer and you’re done!

No jammed outboxes, no gobbledygook system administrator emails and better still – no complaints from your recipient that you have clogged up their mailbox as WeTransfer simply sends them a link to your file(s) ready for them to download at their convenience on their preferred device! (Files are automatically deleted after 7 days giving plenty of time to download)

  • Send up to 2GB
  • Simple and Secure
  • No registration required
  • Its free!!

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